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What's a tourist visa?

Australia is one of the most exotic and ideal destinations to plan your vacation. So if you are planning a vacation to Australia, besides getting your tickets, booking a package and finding other services, you need to get a tourist visa. Tourist visa is offered to citizens of other countries, who plan to travel for purposes like a vacation, visit friends and relatives, or to write an exam.


Getting a tourist visa

As compared to other types of visas, tourist visas are easy to get, but like every other legal formality, it involves some paperwork and procedural formalities which might be complicated and confusing for you. There are no Visa interviews for the tourists but the documents submitted have to be proper.


Validity Period of Australia Tourist Visa

A tourist visa is granted for a period between one to six months for first time applicants, depending on the country's rules and regulations. Applicants who have visited the concerned country before can get long visas with duration up to 10 years, depending on their profile. The Visa will be emailed or stamped.


Visa requirements

Tourist Visa requirements for Indians vary from country to country. Some countries allow a visa on arrival, while others require the traveller to have a visa before traveling. The requirements include, not limited to

• A valid passport

• A solid reason to travel (can be vacation, visiting friends, or anything that's not meant or inclined towards business.

• Essential other papers, if any.

• Sufficient funds to process the visa application



How to get started?

Once you have made your mind, you need to contact the experts of Western Overseas, who will offer adequate suggestions to initiate the visa application process. We will also explain the possible complications and hardships, if any, depending on the country you are traveling to. It shouldn't take more than a month to get your Visa or shorter, based on the standard procedure.


Why choose us for Tourist Visa?

Australia Tourist Visa For Indians - Get It Easy Breezy

Wish to visit Australia for leisure? You can apply for the visitor visa (Subclass 600) with us. This is going to allow you to travel to Australia for business and also tourism-related activities. So, if you are looking for recreation, relaxation, holidays, sightseeing, or even visiting friends and family and staying with them for a while, you have come to the right place.

 Understanding the Eligibility of Australian Tourist Visa

  • You should genuinely want to stay in the country (Australia) temporarily 

  • The reason for your visit must not be related to business or medical treatment

  • You must have sufficient funds to support your stay in Australia

  • You must qualify the public interest criteria (character and health)


The rest, you can leave that to us.


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