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Australia is a vibrant country that offers many social and personal facilities to its citizens and foreigners staying there for many reasons. Its vast historical culture and modernism in almost every field are worth catching others' attention and interest to be a part of the country. Australian immigration authority brings many opportunities for outsiders to come and join the nation for betterment at the personal and professional levels. Partner visa is one of them. Today's writing puts light on different classes of spouse visas. We will go through them all one by one. Let’s start.

What is a Partner visa?

Living together after marriage, engagement, or if you are in a live-in relationship is the foremost thing couples look for to enjoy a lively life. The Australian government understands this feeling deeply and proposes to join the nation and have a wonderful life through a partner visa program. It is an official document issued by the immigration authority to facilitate couples living separately. This visa category opens an easy way to better halves to get permanent residency. It is a two-step process that starts with having a temporary stay and ends with being a permanent resident.

Partner visa (subclasses 309/100)

The provisional and migrant visas allow individuals to stay in the country whose better halves are living with the status of an Australian citizen or permanent resident. It is the supreme requirement that must be fulfilled.
The 309 Subclass visa lets you stay for two years, during which you can apply for a 100-subclass visa to become the country's permanent resident.

Eligibility Standards:

Under 309 subclass

  • The applicant must be outside the country when applying for the visa and getting the embassy's decision.

  • You must be a legal partner of an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

  • The applicant must be above 18 years old at the time of application lodgement.

  • Your partner must sponsor you; if your spouse is below 18 years old, parents or grandparents have the right to sponsor.

  • Health and character requirements must be fulfilled

  • You or your partner must not be in debt under the Australian government. So pay for it before planning your visit to the country.  


Under 100 subclass

  • The applicant must be staying on a temporary partner visa, i.e. you must have a valid subclass 309 visa.

  • You must share the same relationship, i.e., in continued marriage life or a live-in relationship.

  • Applicants must have accepted and followed all Australian rules and conditions mentioned in the 309 partner visa.


Must to know

  • The partner visa 309 is sometimes also called a provisional visa. So don't get confused when you hear the term.

  • Filing a temporary visa (subclass 309) starts from AUD8,085.

  • The processing time depends upon the accuracy of doing different visa steps.

  • On this visa, you can live, study, or even work without restriction.


Application process

  • Before the application, prepare the documentation that includes arranging the identity proof, passport, marriage certificate, birth certificate and other requested documents by the embassy per the specific circumstances.

  • Apply for the visa online. This category only allows you to put in the application through online mode. Make sure you must be outside Australia at the time of application filing.

  • After applying, the following steps involve going to a medical examination, biometrics, travel arrangements, and other minor yet essential things.

  • Once all formalities are done, wait for the decision. It takes up to 4 to 5 months.

Partner visa (subclasses 820/801)

People who are staying temporarily in Australia and want to apply for a partner visa to get a permanent stay in the country must opt for subclasses 820 and 801. You must be in Australia when applying under this category. 820 subclass is for a temporary stay of 2 years, and 801 is for permanent living.

Eligibility norms


  • No record of visa cancellation or rejection

  • Shouldn't have certain regional visas

  • You must be in Australia when applying

  • You must have a sponsor

  • Must be in the proper age

  • Satisfy relationship requirements

  • Fulfil our health requirement

  • Complete our character essentials

  • No debt to the Australian Governance

  • best interests of the partner


How to apply under this category:

These two subclasses require you to pay over $7000AUD at the time of application. The Partner (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 820) requires substantial documentation to support claims made in the application to verify all aspects of the relationship: Financial, Social, Emotional, Long Term Plans etc. It includes evidence from witnesses, additional statements, photographic evidence and further. This process can be lengthy and confusing. Failure to correctly apply for the Partner (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 820) could result in a rejection from the Department of Home Affairs and having to reapply and pay all costs again.

The time involved in processing Partner Visa

There is no fixed time for visa processing. Still, on average, it takes anywhere between 16 months to 24 months to get the application processed. In most cases, the department responds to the application only after the published dates you find on their websites elapsed. However, the processing time for any partner visa application depends on several factors that, include:

  • A complete list of supported documents is attached to the application or not.

  • How promptly is the applicant responding to queries for additional information?

  • How long the information and background check formalities will take for the information that you have provided

  • The time that will take to gather information from additional sources outside the purview of the immigration department, like health, national security, background, character, etc.

  • How many places are available with the authorities for the partner migration program

  • The final decision will be based on the authenticity of all the information and documents the applicant shared with the application.

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