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Australia is a beautiful country that offers many life-supporting benefits to its people. Students who are studying in the country or have completed their studies and missing their parents have the fortune of bringing up their parents there. This visa category is known as parent visa, and the Australian department of home Affairs promotes this category to spread happiness in its country. Today we are here to inform all of you about family visas, the thorough process, eligibility criteria and how we assist people in the same category. So what are you waiting for? Let's get started!

Australian international borders are always open for parents to join their children in the country. Along with it, some terms and conditions need to be fulfilled if anyone wants to be part of the nation. Two types of parent visas allow individuals to stay permanently or temporarily. Let's study both of them one by one.



Parent VISA (Subclass 103)


This category of visa lets parents stay with their children permanently with some conditions that imply

  •     You must have a child with the status of a settled Australian citizen OR Australian permanent resident.

  •     You must satisfy the applied visa conditions and obey Australian law.

  •     You must not have applied for a parent visa under subclass 870.


On visa approval, parents have the right to

  •     Move to or stay in the state as a permanent resident.

  •     Sponsor any eligible member to join them in the country.

  •     Apply for citizenship if you get eligible.

  •     Work and study in the country if you have an interest.

  •     Enjoy the benefits of public health care programs.


Who can sponsor?

Application for this visa requires you to have an eligible sponsor.

Usually, your eligible children are liable to support you financially, but if they are minors, then eligible relatives have the right to sponsor you.

On receiving the sponsorship, the immigration authority approves the application.

Other than the eligibility mentioned above, there are also some other points the applicants must fulfil. Let's go through them.


Balance of family test: It is mandatory to pass the Balance of family test if anyone is applying for a parent visa under this subclass, 103. You meet the conditions of the test if

  •     at least half of your children are eligible candidates

  •     OR more eligible children living in the country than in other countries


Assurance of support: The applicants must submit the assurance of support that says they won't rely on government aid once they enter the country. The immigration department will let you know when to send the letter.


Health certificate: The applicants must have a good health certificate when applying for the visa. There are also mentioned health requirements that one should meet. This policy is to maintain the health standard in the country.


Character certificate: The immigration authority allows only good-character immigrants to enter the country. You must deposit the certificate verifying no past criminal activity at the social or personal level.



How to start the process | Step-by-step analysis


Step 1: Prerequisite

Before you apply for the process, check out the availability of the following documents.

  •     Valid passport

  •     Identity proof

  •     Sponsorship letter (Form 40 Sponsorship for migration to Australia)

  •     balance-of-family test certificate

  •     Character certificate/police clearance certificate

  •     Assurance of support letter

  •     Photographs


Step 2 Apply for the process

Once the applicants gather the mandatory documents, they must apply on paper for a parent visa. You must complete "Form 47PA Application for a parent to migrate to Australia." You can't submit the completed application in person. Instead, you need to post it by courier to the Parent Visa Processing Centre in Perth at the address on the form with the mentioned supporting documents.


Step 3: Post-requisite

On receiving the application, the immigration authority advises you to wait until the application is processed. There might be some more things that you need to do even after sending the application that the authority lets you know.

Cost and processing time involved in applying for the visa

  •     The total cost of applying for a parent visa is AUD6,625. There is an additional fee for every member coming with you.

  •     Applicants can make the payments in two installments. The first instalment can be paid when applying for the visa, and the second when the immigration department informs you to pay.  

  •     There is no specific processing time for the application; it all depends on the application's rush and the process's accuracy.


Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa (Subclass 870)

On this visa, you can

  •     join your children

  •     can stay in the country for up to 3 or 5 years

  •     re-apply for the same visa to live up to 10 years

Who is eligible?

To get eligible to apply for Sponsored Parent, you must

  •     Have a sanctioned sponsor before you apply for the application.

  •     Apply online, to put in the application.

  •     Lodge your parent visa file before six months of sanctioned sponsorship.

Documents checklist

  •     Valid passport

  •     Identity proof

  •     Permission to Apply in Australia

  •     Character documents


How to apply?

Applicants can apply for the visa online at the official immigration site within six months of approved Sponsorship. And once you apply, there is a waiting period.


Cost and processing time

The cost of a temporary parent visa with three years stay is AUD5,090, and with five years is AUD10,180. Applicants can pay the fee in two installments, just like in the permanent parent visa case.

It takes around 2 to 3 months to process the application. Many other factors lead to delays in visa processing.



Need professional support with your visa?

If you are getting someone's help and paying for that, make sure you go with the right person. Immigration assistance is taken when you don't have the knowledge to deal with the process. So, only an experienced visa agent or certified immigration agency can perfectly assist you. Western Overseas is a known name in the VISA industry, serving people to meet their visa needs. Meet our visa consultants and let them handle your visa process.


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