About 189 invitation round

“As per a new update from the Department of Home Affairs, The Skilled Independent (subclass 189) (New Zealand stream only) visa is permanently closed to new applications on 1st July 2023.”


Skilled Visa Subclass 189 is a direct PR program based on points tested to invite qualified professionals in Australia. This visa is for employees who aren’t sponsored by any family member, employer or any territory in Australia. Also, it makes you eligible to become a PR or Australian citizen in Australia, live and work in Australia, and engage in public healthcare schemes in Australia. To apply for this subclass 189 visa, a candidate must score at least 65 points on the skill assessment. Firstly, an individual needs to put EOI (Expression of Interest) and requires an invitation from skillselect. After receiving an ITA, you can apply within sixty days. The subclass 189 invitation round is run cyclically per year by the Department of Home Affairs for skilled independent visas. The number of invitations issued as per government priorities and depends on the number of applications. Read below to learn more about the benefits, application process to apply, and processing time for subclass 189 skilled visa Australia.


What are the benefits of getting a subclass 189 Visa?

  • Reside in Australia for rest of life on Permanent Residency

  • Job flexibility and work security 

  • Access to study programs

  • Travel Rights

  • Take Security benefits

  • Access to Medicare 

  • Pathway to apply for citizenship

  • Sponsor your family member or relative

How does it work for Skilled Independent visa subclass 189?


  • Book a consultation

The first step is to consult and discuss your profile with one of the best immigration consultants. Our team of certified agents and immigration lawyers at Western Overseas will help you with each visa process, Whether you are interested in studying, working, or migrating to Australia temporarily or permanently. 


  • Check your occupation on the skilled list

Depending on your occupation and assessment authority requirements, You need at least 2 years of work experience for a skilled Independent visa. So, the second important step is to find  your occupation on the skill list. 


  • Calculate your points

A candidate must require at least 65+ points in skill assessment to apply for a skilled visa. So, if you are looking for assistance with point calculation and how to improve your skill assessment, visit our nearest branch to find the best solutions. The assessing authority can take time to decide the outcomes. 


  • Lodge Expression of Interest with Department

If you score 65+ on the skill assessment, then you can lodge an EOI (Expression of Interest) for skilled independent visas. As you fill in the information in the EOI, you will get points on the criteria of personal details such as age, education, english skills, experience, partner skills, etc. 


  • Wait for an ITA 

After submitting an EOI, wait for ITA from the Department of home affairs. Once you receive an ITA, you can submit a visa fee to lodge your visa application. You must wait for 189 visa invitation rounds as per the number of applications. Receiving an ITA is a positive sign towards applying for visa subclass 189 Australia. 


  • Receive your visa and migrate to Australia

It is the last step that requires a lot of patience. Once you receive your visa, you can get your packing to fly to Australia. The best thing about this visa is migration to Australia permanently. 


Complete Processing time for subclass 189 visa 


Check the profile on the skilled occupation list

1-2 Working days or less than that

Check all Eligibility Requirements for EOI

5-7 working days 

Complete skill assessment 

2-3 Months, including authority assessment

Submit an EOI

7-10 working days

If you get an ITA, Apply for a visa  

60 days to apply for visa

Awaits decision 

30 days and above


Next Invitation Round 189, Process, and Cut-Off Points

In each invitation round of subclass 189 skilled visas, candidates with the highest score get selected. It is scheduled cyclically for the program year by the Deptt. of home affairs. The last and latest 189 invitation round 2023 was issued on 25th May.


How can Western Overseas help you?

Applying for a visa is an extensive process, and we at Western Overseas help you in various aspects step by step. We have experienced and certified counselors to assist you in visa processes for almost all countries. It’s just like you name it, and we do it. Here are some services from our list are mentioned below:-


  • Free counseling. Book your slot today!

  • Coaching for English proficiency tests like IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, etc.

  • Complete guidance for all types of visa services

  • Eligibility check and skill assessment

  • Provide assistance and support in gathering documents

  • Certified immigration lawyers in Australia to help you with post-landing services.


189 Invitation Round

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